Life Together

Shevet Achim is not only a non-profit organization, but also a community of people from diverse backgrounds that live and work together in the same building. Our volunteer staff shares living space, work assignments, meals, and daily prayer and scripture study. Living in community gives us daily opportunity to learn how to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. 

The children and parents who have turned to the hospitals of Israel for live-saving treatment also reside with us. The spacious upstairs of our building is their home while in Israel, with sleeping quarters, a large kitchen, dining room, and recreation room. As volunteers, children, and parents all live together in the same building, the hope is to see the promise of Shevet Achim - meaning "brothers dwelling together" in Hebrew - to see this promise blossom inside the walls of our home. 

The links and video below are an invitation for you to get to know the Shevet Achim community more. Please make yourself at home, and have a look around.


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