Zakariya's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Bye, Bye!

Posted on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 16:25 by Sophia Vogt
After only a few weeks, Zakariya was already permitted to go home again! Good for him, sad for us... We are all missing this adorable little boy so much. Whenever he started to move, to laugh or just to interact it is impossible to avoid getting happy. This cheeky little guy always wanted to be in the center of everything and to climb around, but after some seconds he would try to get back to his grandma which he loves so much... He will definitely be missed here.
As he loves to be in the center of attention, he enjoyed his farewell party a lot, especially getting all these wonderful gifts! This little cap is made for him, isn't it? 
Going to the airport, he still was in a good mood, but getting tired. He started to be over the edge, just climbing around and moving so heavily that it was impossible to hold him. I hope the Grandma was still fine after this exhausting flight with antsy Zakariya!
They got to the air plane in time and seemed to be confident with it, and also excited to be home again. So, this is another child which through God's grace got a life saving surgery and recovered and is an even more active and joyful boy now! Let's thank God for this and pray, that this may have an impact on his life and that He may reveal Himself to this young family. Bye, bye, Zakariya!

Cleared to Fly Home!

Posted on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 15:41 by Maxine Stuart

Zakariya may be little, but he has a big voice! He gave us the full demo of his power today as he resisted each step involved in getting his final echo. It was already previously dertermined that he would need to be sedated for today's echo, so he had been fasting all morning.

It was a big and painful process, as Sheba Hospital administers sedatives via IV. After a lot of waiting (and screaming) he was relaxed enough to receive his echocardiogram. When he was being examined, his grandmother began to quietly cry. The sight of her grandson partly sedated was scary for her.

The doctor reported a good surgical repair, all that remains now is some stenosis (constriction) between the right ventrical and the pulmonary artery. He needs no medication at all, and just needs a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist in Kurdistan in 2 weeks. His grandmother was very happy to hear and report the good news to Zakariya's parents back home. He soon came-to, wanted water, and then FOOD! Milk, pita bread, chocolate, whatever was within reach! It was good to see him energetic again.

The lovely staff came to say goodbye to him. He waved and gave them a hearty "Bye bye!" as he was walked out of the hospital. Praise God for another healed heart, and few more that were touched in the process.

Echo Day

Posted on Fri, 02/23/2018 - 22:33 by Andrew Peck
Today was echo day for Zakariya!  Everything was so pleasant as we traveled with Zakariya, Zhya and Vine to Sheba, but while we were delayed by security at the entrance to the hospital, Zakariya became very impatient and began to scream.  This healthy little boy was so loud that the security officer immediately decided it would be better to continue our conversation away from the vehicle.  
Once inside the hospital, everything settled down and Zakariya was all smiles as he played while waiting for his echo. His echo looked good, and after a busy day, tired little Zakariya slept in the van for the entire trip back to the house.

Good News

Posted on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 23:53 by Johanna Ebert

This morning I got a call from the hospital, that Zakariya was ready to come back to our Shevet house. What great news, bless the Lord! As we entered the secondary ICU, Zakariya and his grandma welcomed us with cheerful faces and already packed Luggage. Zakariya was so happy to come out from the hospital; he was smiling from ear to ear. After waiting a half hour for the report we were finally ready to go back to our Jaffa community. The families  are so happy to have little Zakariya and his grandmother here again. They are a vibrant part of the Kurdish community and were deeply missed while the surgery and recovery process was taking place. We are so thankful to our Father for providing for this little one. Please join us in praying for continued healing, and good news from the upcoming echo in one week.

Extubated and in the secondary ICU

Posted on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 21:11 by Co-authored

Today we can report only good news from Zakariya. He was extubated this morning and moved in the secondary ICU. Now he is next to an other child (Haryad) from us. That’s such a blessing for the grandma, to have an other Kurdish mum near to her.

Zakariya seemed to be very tired and  slept most of the time. But after he was drinking his milk he was awake for a short time and watched with big eyes the work of the nurses. 

Zakariya‘s grandma invited us for lunch, she had still leftovers from the hospital food. It was nice spending time with her and seeing how glad she is that Zakariya is doing so well.

We are thankful for this day! 

A Surgery Gone Well

Posted on Tue, 02/06/2018 - 22:32 by Esther Vine

Bright and beautiful early we set off to attend to Zakariya and his grandmother during his surgery. A colorful sunrise accented the still of the morning air.

We arrived earlier for the surgery than yesterday after the hospital staff requested more time to prepare and translate needed questions and information. Zakariya’s grandmother has a more gentle character and leaned on us emotionally throughout the day. 

We found her and Zakariya at his crib. He was active as usual and started playing with the attending nurse's gloved hand. Even when we blew a glove up for him like a balloon and tied it off and handed it to him, he still wanted to pull at the glove on my hand! Then he stood up and danced while holding onto the side rail.

Before long we had all the consent forms filled in and had been lead into another section of the ward. Zakariya sat on his grandmother’s knee as the doctor injected him with anaesthetic. The effect was almost immediate as he dropped off and was kissed by his grandma a last time before taken away. His grandmother cried in her concern but was reassured that he would be okay and in fact much better after the surgery than he had been. Zakariya had two arteries situated in the same spot in his heart, and the surgery was for one of those arteries to be replaced. 

The wait was long and we were all anxious to see Zakariya. After roughly five hours the doctor allowed us back into the ECG room to see him. His grandmother hurried over, praising god. Zakariya was still heavily sedated and we didn’t get to see him wake up, but he seemed to be in great shape considering. The doctor said the surgery had gone well and he was stable. We left Zakariya and his grandmother at Sheba hospital at around four in the afternoon, where he’d hopefully wake up soon and be comforted to see his grandma again. 

Zakariya's Spontaneous Admission

Posted on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 20:58 by Johanna Ebert

Today was a long day for little Zakariya. He was scheduled to have an echo with sedation today, which included 6 hours of no food prior and 2 hours of no water prior. This is very hard for a child his age, because he is not able to unterstand the reason that he can’t eat. So he was grumbling and whining a little bit.

However, when we arrived at the hospital, the nurse told us that they also want to admit Zakariya today for a scheduled surgery tomorrow. After that, the doctor came and had many questions for the approaching surgery. I was so glad that Jesse was also in the hospital, actually for another child, but since he was there he was able to translate in Kurdish for the grandma. God's plans are always good!

The echo, x-ray and blood-draw went well and now Zakariya is prepared for the surgery tomorrow. Please join us and pray for this precious boy and his lovely grandma!

First Time at Sheba

Posted on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 23:15 by Johanna Ebert

Today was Zakariya’s first appointment at the big Sheba hospital. He was there to receive his initial assessment, so that the doctors have a full understanding of his condition before beginning his treatment.

Usually he is a very happy and merry fellow, but today he was very afraid of the echo examination. His grandma tried to make him sleepy, but nothing worked really. In the end there was a lot of staff from the hospital around him, entertaining him with videos and funny faces.

The doctor was not really content with the echo result since it was hard to examine him, but hopefully it’s enough for an admission. If not, they’ll perform another echo or CT with sedation. The hospital will give us details about what is next as soon as possible. For now he was able to come back with us to the Shevet family.

Zakariya's Arrival

Posted on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 02:27 by Jesse Tilman

Zakariya has arrived to Israel for life-saving heart surgery! Thank God that he will be receiving a new chance at a full life through the work of the Israeli doctors here. 

He arrived with three other mothers and their children traveling together. In the arrivals hall of the airport, their vital signs were taken by our staff, pictures were taken, and we became acquainted with them. Some cold bottles of water helped them feel at home.
Soon we were on the way back to the Shevet Achim house with Zakariya and mother. They settled in gracefully and started getting to know our other current families in residence.
We look forward to his healing in the days ahead!

Zakariya Coming Soon

Posted on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 23:18 by Madelyn Miles

Meet Zakariya! He is a one year-old from the north of Iraq, a region referred to as Kurdistan. He and his family are preparing to come to Israel for Zakariya to receive medical care for his heart defect called, Tetralogy of Fallot. This is a combination of four defects, which you can read more about here

Please pray for this precious boy and his family as they prepare to travel. Separating families is always difficult, and not knowing what is in the future can bring anxiety. Thank God that through prayer and supplication they can recieve the "peace that surpasses all understanding," (Phil 4:7).