Yousif's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Good News

Posted on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 05:45 by Georgia Willcocks
Yousif had another appointment to review his progress today at the hospital. He had an ECHO and ECG, and also needed a blood test. He waited patiently; he's such a smiley boy who is peaceful and chatty. 
The doctor was pleased to tell us the news that Yousif's heart is looking good, and so we can start to wean him off his medications. His wound site is healing nicely. 
Praise God for his successful surgery and quick recovery! He will stay with us for another two weeks before his next appointment.
Please pray that he continues to make good progress across all areas of his development. 

Home to Jaffa!

Posted on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 20:22 by Jesse Tilman

"The LORD watches over the innocent; I was brought low, and he delivered me. Return to your resting place, my soul, for the LORD treated you generously." Psalm 116

Cute Yousif was able to come home today! He was confirmed to be doing well and healing. The doctors would like him to eat more though and his mother tries to feed him often. He is slowly gaining some weight.

We teased him and held his hand and sang our Kurdish song “Her to Pirozi” while he got ready to eat. Pretty soon, after visiting our other patients, we returned to find the nurses with all his paperwork ready. Yousif’s mother got their bags together and we got the wave-off from the front desk.

We found out at the house that one of his medicines that I thought we had at home, we didn’t. It would be too long to get at the pharmacy, so a return to the hospital was in order. We’re glad this happy mum and son can join our group at the house.


On the Road to Recovery

Posted on Sun, 07/29/2018 - 22:56 by Co-authored

We arrived at Sheba Hospital today finding a much happier mom as she was finally able to hold her baby! For a while before and after the surgery, Yousif could not be picked up in order to recover. He often cried and reached out his arms hoping he could be held by her. Today, his little wish came true.  He cried when in his crib but every time she embraced him again, the tears vanished from his sweet little face.

The nurse informed us that Yousif is recovering well, albeit not without the expected hardships of such a small body undergoing open heart surgery. He has been up a lot at night and sometimes gets overheated. But we are thrilled to hear that he could potentially be discharged from the hospital this week. It’s a blessing to see Yousif look so well and for his mother to have some sense of relief following his surgery the other day.

Written by: Jennifer Kellner and George Bekx

Surgery Day

Posted on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 00:52 by Robyn Stuart

An early start for our team ensured that we were at the hospital in good time to see baby Yousif before he went to the OR. His lovely mother was all prepared and waiting beside the bed as we greeted her. It was obvious that she was anxious and holding back tears. So I asked if it was ok to pray for them. This brought a small smile to her face. As things gained momentum in the ward and it was obvious Yousef was on his way his mother drew close to him and let him know she was near. With emotional good-byes over we made our way to the waiting room. Many calls of support from home gave mum relief in those long hours. Other mums that are presently in the hospital dropped in for a chat and brought cups of tea. As the 4 hours drew to a close a surgeon came out and told us the surgery was a success and the doctors were closing up Yousif's chest.

They had repaired the VSD and unblocked the pulmonary artery. We know that God was present today in everthing that happened. Please pray that His presence will give Yousif's little body all he needs to make a full recovery. 


Posted on Sun, 07/22/2018 - 19:38 by Johanna Ebert
We had the privilege of picking up Yousif and his mum at the airport late Friday night!
Our information about his condition was that he could need a hospital visit right after his arrival. But praise the Lord, he was in good condition when we met him at the airport and he could come with us to our apartment in Jaffa. Yousif is a really lovely and handsome little boy and we enjoy getting to know him and his mum. 
Today was Yousif‘s first assessment at the Sheba hospital here in Tel Aviv. He was very brave during all of the examinations, including the echo. Unfortunately, his oxygen saturation was lower than normal so the doctor decided to keep him at the hospital overnight. He is now in the secondary ICU, receiving excellent care from the doctors and nurses there. Fortunately, Yousif’s mother is in the company of two other moms from Shevet, so they can be with one another and speak in their native tongue.
Please pray for this precious family as they being their medical journey in Israel! 

Still Time to Save Yousif

Posted on Fri, 07/13/2018 - 14:02 by jonathan

When eight-month-old Yousif was examined by our partner cardiologist Kirk Milhoan in February he was described as urgent. God willing, he will finally reach Israel before the end of July. His heart condition can normally be fully-repaired, allowing him to live a full and normal life.