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Farewell Rosen!

Posted on Thu, 07/19/2018 - 22:17 by Jennifer Kellner

Yesterday was our final day with Rosen and her father. Home to Kurdistan at last!

As tradition goes, we celebrated Rosen’s new heart and clearance to go home with a farewell party. The theme was “under the sea” (pictured above) with happy faces drawn on each fish decoration; it was fitting given Rosen’s memorable smile.

Farewell parties are interesting here at Shevet Achim because while we are elated that the children can go home, we also know we will miss them very much. Rosen’s adorable smile and sweet spirit will certainly be missed, but we are overjoyed about her renewed health and ability to go back home.

Unlike many cases, Rosen did not need full open heart surgery during her visit; the doctors were able to resolve her needs with a less invasive catherization surgery, in addition to other hospital care. God’s favor is certainly over Rosen’s life and I could not be happier for her.

Psalm 121:7-8 says, “The LORD will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”

We wish Rosen a happy and healthy future ahead and pray that God’s hand will be over her life for eternity. God has really blessed our community with Rosen and we now look forward to seeing her new heart reach others for many years to come.

Bon voyage, Rosen!

Love Like Little Children

Posted on Sun, 07/15/2018 - 23:16 by Jennifer Kellner

Today we accompanied Rosen and her father to the hospital for a genetic test, which was the final step before she can return home. With a new baby sister awaiting her in Kurdistan, I’m sure Rosen and her father are eager to get back!

While we didn’t necessarily have an appointment, the doctor very kindly met us in the lobby of the hospital and took us right away. His compassion and willingness to help really made our day! I could tell he truly cared for Rosen. She was very upset while they drew blood but fortunately it was short, and Rosen quickly returned to her laughter.

Rosen is such a joy to be around – she seems to always be smiling and running between her dad, fellow volunteers and strangers alike, giving them giant hugs. Here at Shevet, we come from many different countries. Likewise, cultural diversity in the hospital is evident. Yet Rosen’s willingness to love anyone that walks by is beautiful and seemingly how things ought to be; she inspires me.

In Matthew 18:3 Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Yeshua calls us to the sincere love clearly evident in little Rosen. Praise the Lord for her loving (and now healthy) heart!

Travel arrangements are in progress and if all goes according to plan, Rosen and her dad will return to Kurdistan this week. Genetic results will come within the next few weeks and give their family a better understanding of what can be expected ahead.

Last Echo

Posted on Wed, 07/11/2018 - 22:03 by Johanna Ebert

George and Nelly went with Rosen and her Dad to the hospital today. It was a big joy to play with Rosen while we were waiting for the echo. But as soon as Rosen entered the echo room, she started to cry and didn’t stop until she was outside again. Even the smaller examination - measuring blood pressure - was quite a challenge with her. But her dad was very nice and patient with her all the time and at the end we got very good news: Rosen‘s heart looks really good! They were able to fix all her problems during the catheterisation and she is ready to go home! Praise the Lord! Now we're only waiting to do a genetic test and then the journey back to Kurdistan can start!

Joyful News

Posted on Fri, 07/06/2018 - 21:16 by Lindsay Martin

Today we received the joyful news that Rosen could be released to come back to our home in Jaffa! We are thankful to our Father for his quick healing for this little girl. She was so excited to come back and spend time with all of her friends here. We praise God for this wonderful news today and pray for the Lord's continued hand over her and her father as they continue their time with us. 

Blessings for Rosen

Posted on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 00:00 by Co-authored

by George and Nelly Bekx

Rosen had her catheterization today. She returned to the department at the end of the afternoon. The doctor was satisfied with the results. Tomorrow she will get an ultrasound and if the result is good she can come back to Shevet. Next week, she will go back for a checkup and if the results are good the doctors hope she will not need to receive surgery. We enjoyed much converation with her father for a long time, which he appreciated very much. Please pray for continued healing for Rosen. 

Back Home Again

Posted on Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:23 by Georgia Willcocks
Lovely Rosen is back home with us today. Her catheterization was cancelled today and we will find out later in the week when it will be rescheduled for. She is always so joyful, and we pray that God continues to watch over her, and that we have news from the hospital soon. 
Here she is playing with Layan at home:

Echo Under Sedation

Posted on Mon, 07/02/2018 - 21:16 by Martha Kowal

When we made our way to Sheba this morning little Rosen did not know what was happening to her. Rosen is a very bright and lively child, however, she does not like to be examined as she cries a lot. Since her last echo was not clear enough, she had another echo at Sheba today but this time under sedation. Although she had not eaten anything for 6 hours and was hungry, she made the trip great and also played really nice in the hospital and quickly made friends.

When it was time we were invited into the secondary ICU to prepare Rosen for her echo. We were not allowed to join, but we could see how much she was crying and afraid of everything. But after a few minutes, everything was quiet and the doctors could do the echo in peace.

After the echo was over we were able to sit in the room and Rosen slept peacefully for about 2 hours. The doctor said when she woke up she could drink a bit of water. After that, if she was okay, she would be allowed to eat something.

Rosen and her father are staying overnight at Sheba because she is on the schedule to receive a catheterization tomorrow. Please pray that she is well rested from the stressful day today and strengthened for the catheterization tomorrow.

First Assessment

Posted on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 22:03 by Georgia Willcocks
Rosen had her first assessment at Sheba today. She patiently waited a long time for her ECHO and ECG. She is such a joyful little girl, with a brave spirit. She loves climbing up on the soft play equipment and is quite confident to explore. 
She was quite upset during her assessments as she had to fast all day. Rosen's test results showed that she has pulmonary hypertension, which we didn't know about before. She will need a catheterisation to help with further diagnostics, and we will find out about this appointment next week.
Please pray for this lovely girl who brings us all joy at Shevet. 

Little Rosen in Israel

Posted on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 18:18 by Martha Kowal

A few days ago we learned that new families will be coming from Kurdistan. On Sunday morning it was time and at half past eight we drove to the airport to pick them up. Little Rosen is one of them. She is a cute little girl with big eyes. She came to Israel with her father and we thank God she survived the long journey well. After we did the standard check-ups, we went back to Shevet. The whole drive over she was calm and really nice until she fell asleep. 

Rosen popped into hospital quickly today to get some bacterial testing. She will need to head back later for her full assessment where the doctors suggested she should be sedated during her echo and blood tests. She has been fitting in well at the Shevet house, and we are happy to have her and her Dad here. Please pray with us that Rosen's stay and treatment in Israel is going well and that one day she will be able to fly home healthy. We want to give her to God and ask Him to glorify Himself through her situation.