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The Final Echo

Posted on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 03:23 by Malene Stoltenberg

Today we went with Rahaf to the hospital for her echo. Kind nurses and doctors met us and everything went really easy and fast. Little Rahaf was awake and looked interested at the surroundings – and even laughed and smiled to me, when I was making fun with her.

Even though Rahaf did not enjoy laying on the bed for the echo, her father did a great job entertaining and calming her.  When the echo and monitoring were over she fell peacefully asleep in her fathers arms.

It all went so well and the doctors were pleased with the echo. Rahaf is now ready to come home with some medication, but first she will spend a few days with us at Shevet, which we will look forward to.

Bless the lord for his healing and pray for a save journey home for Rahaf and her father.


First Echo

Posted on Wed, 08/29/2018 - 01:51 by Georgia Willcocks
It was peaceful in the hospital this morning after Rahaf's early start. We arrived in good time, and everything went very smoothly and quickly with Rahaf's echo. Rahaf was a little upset as she lay on the bed, but her father cared for her tenderly and held her close by to calm her down. It's lovely to see her in the hospital as a little lively outpatient, no longer sleeping and attached to various wires. She is curious to look at people who come close to her, and reached out to hold my finger and smiled at me. Her father pointed out the beautiful little curls on the top of her head as her hair grows. He says these are just like her mother's.
The doctor was pleased with what he saw in the echo, and asked also for her oxygen saturation to be checked. This also was exactly as he was hoping for; around 80%.
Praise God for his healing work in Rahaf's life. She needs to come back in a couple of weeks for the next echo, and so we look forward to spending time with her back home. 

Home Away From Home

Posted on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 04:47 by Jennifer Kellner

“It will be hours…” said the nurses, around 11:30am, speaking of when Rahaf may be discharged from the hospital. They explained that many tests were done and results would come in over the course of the day, which determines whether or not they allow the child to leave. We were prepared to wait.

But as we were visiting the others in the hospital (Varin, Ana and Judy), we got a call only an hour later that Rahaf and her dad were ready for discharge. Praise the Lord! Rahaf was having what seemed like a difficult time recovering from surgery only days ago.

So in her new (pink) attire, we were on the road this afternoon for Rahaf and her father to return to her “new” home while here in Israel. They are all settled in.

This family has a kind spirit about them; we look forward to spending more time with Rahaf and her father at the apartments. May she continue along this path to recovery, God willing, for the many days ahead.

Struggling Post-Op

Posted on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 22:58 by Sophie Harvie

The medical team today reported that it has been a difficult 24 hours for Rahaf. Her oxygen levels have been unstable and her body is adjusting post-surgery. She has now been extubated and is being supported a little with oxygen via nasal cannula and her doctor is hopeful for a stable night ahead.

As I visited Rahaf and her father today I was able to video chat with Rahaf's mother. It was so beautiful to see her again over the phone having met the family in Jordan last month. It's amazing what a little bit of additional context can do to your heart and perspective of children coming to Israel for heart surgery.

This is a big and bold decision for a family to make, to travel with one parent into this land. I remember how Rahaf's mother shared just how desperately she wanted Rahaf to get to Israel as quickly as she could even though this means a period of separation from her precious baby.  Her dream for Rahaf is that she will one day become a heart surgeon for other children who would otherwise struggle to access surgery. 

Please pray with us for Rahaf and her family. Pray that their hope will be in Jesus. Pray for Rahaf's complete healing.


Praise the Lord, Surgery Day!

Posted on Sun, 08/12/2018 - 23:33 by George Bekx

In the hospital we went to visit Rahaf, the girl from Syria. She was not in the room at that moment but was being operated on, because today was surgery day! One hour later she was back in the ICU. We met her father there who seemed very relaxed. We introduced ourselves to him. The nurse present told us that the doctor was satisfied with the course of the operation - praise the Lord!

We communicated with father with translation help. He showed us another picture of his family. We have given him a new SIM card and installed it, so he can always call us or his family while he is in Israel. He was grateful that we were there and we told him that we would come back to visit him again tomorrow. When asked if he needed anything else, he indicated that he was satisfied at the moment and had everything he needed. Please keep praying for sweet Rahaf! 

Finally in Israel!

Posted on Fri, 08/10/2018 - 14:42 by Georgia Willcocks
Finally, after weeks of prayer and anticipation, we received word that Rahaf and her father were on their way to Israel, traveling by ambulance.
Sophie and I had the honor of meeting Rahaf and her family at the end of July in Jordan. Her family are from Syria, but now are living in Jordan because of the war. They were so welcoming to us and Jonathan, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. Her mother explained that Rahaf has been in an incubator in the hospital for almost her whole life. Her mother travels for a 20 minute taxi ride every day to see her in the hospital. When we went together, we saw how her mother watched over her through the glass screen so patiently with so much love.
We have been praying for the paperwork to come through for Rahaf and her father to be able to travel, and so when we heard that they were arriving yesterday evening, Sophie and I were so excited to be able to see these two again.
When we arrived at Sheba, Rahaf was being tended to by a large team of medical staff. She had an ECHO, X-Ray, and blood test. 
Rahaf's father greeted us warmly, and we spent the next two hours together, watching and waiting. 
Rahaf's test confirmed the information in the reports which came from Jordan. She will be having a CT scan today, before the team make a decision about her surgery plan. 
Praise God for bringing Rahaf here. Please lift her up with us before God and ask for His hand to be over Rahaf and her family. 

There is Healing in Israel

Posted on Mon, 06/25/2018 - 01:27 by jonathan

Baby Rahaf is a refugee with her family from the civil war in Syria. Born on May 8, she soon after was rushed to the hospital in her host country due to blueness. Since then she's been in an incubator on a special medication to keep her alive until she can reach Israel for heart surgery. We hope to have her in Israel by the first week of July, God willing.