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Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Little Mysteries

Posted on Wed, 08/15/2018 - 23:00 by Robyn Stuart

As planned after the visit to ER, Mir returned to the hospital today for another echo. He was such a compliant baby today laying on the table taking in his surroundings, and playing with the cables, during the whole process. He has had many visits recently, maybe he is growing more used to the staff and the machines. But the doctor reported there is still fluid around his heart. So he prescribed a new medication and a thyroid test to be done. He also advised us to bring him back at anytime should we think he is unwell. The sweating that Mir experiences all the time is puzzling as well. The answer my lay in the blood culture results due back in a couple of days from now. There are several mysteries in Mir's little body at the moment but we are confident that our Heavenly Father knows how to solve them. Please intercede on his behalf for mytery answering healing. 

Unexpected ER Trip

Posted on Mon, 08/13/2018 - 01:23 by Sophie Harvie

We had an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room today with young Mir and his mother. After a night of fevers and a great deal of sweating over the course of the past week it was decided that Mir should be checked out by the medical team at Sheba.

On our way to the hospital today we prayed that God would go before us to make the road smooth and we were blessed by this prayer being answered. Mir was seen quickly by the ER team who were able to take blood, arrange a chest x-ray and liaise with the lead cardiologist on Mir's case, all within the space of a few hours.

Praise God, Mir's blood tests came back good and his chest x-ray showed reduced fluid from his xray at the time of his surgery. The doctors decided to put Mir on a short course of antibiotics as they await the results of further blood tests this week. He will be seen again at Sheba on Wednesday for a repeat ECHO.

As we waited today at the hospital we enjoyed chatting with Mir's mother about Kurdish and English grammar and she kindly corrected mine and Georgia's pronunciations of words! It was great to get to know one other better today and we are so pleased that Mir has been able to come home with the encouragement from the medical team.


Ongoing Medication

Posted on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 19:38 by Rodney Stuart

"Have you got a phone with some music or something to distract him?" said the echo assistant. Mir loves to 'help' the assistant by playing with and tangling the ultrasound tranducer chord! His Mum found some nice kid's video songs and while he was transfixed the assistant got great pictures of his heart. "The fluid around his heart is still decreasing, so we will continue with the medication," he said. This is good news, the medication is doing the job it's designed for. But, it's pretty strong and Mir's little stomach needs to be protected. So the doctor prescribed another medication to do just that. Please pray that all the fluid around Mir's heart will be absorbed by his body and he can discontinue 2 medications.

Slightly Improved

Posted on Sun, 08/05/2018 - 23:56 by Johanna Ebert

This morning we went with Mir and his mum to the hospital for an echo. Mir‘s mum is very worried about Mir and even the good news from the doctor - that the fluid is decreasing slowly - couldn’t take her concerns away. Mir however was in a pretty good mood, he laughed a lot and we had fun with him.

At the end we got an appointment for next Wednesday to check him again. We pray that the Lord help him to recover and give peace to Mir‘s mum.

Questions and Answers

Posted on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 18:52 by Rodney Stuart

Mir’s Mum had plenty of questions lined up for the doctor as Mir lay patiently waiting for his echo exam. Questions and answers about Mir's medicines, scar tissue and sweating passed across his little chest as he concentrated on tangling the echo machine's hand-set cable. As the assistant echo-probed Mir’s little heart for signs of progress, Mir’s Mum searched the doctors face for signs of concern. “I’ll prescribe another medicine for this fluid in his heart. Come back in 2 days for another echo and we’ll see if it makes a difference,” he said. Water filled her eyes as Mir’s Mum processed what she heard. More fluid in Mir’s heart was not what she wanted to hear. Not even when the doctor said it can be a normal post-operative condition. Please pray that 2 days of this new medicine will do the job it’s made for. Please pray that after Friday’s echo Mir’s Mum’s sad eyes will be dried up and replaced by a big smile.

Mir's Echo and Growth

Posted on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 18:13 by Jesse Tilman
"For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates; he hath blessed thy children within thee. He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat." Psalm 147

Mr. Mir went for an echocardiogram today.  They found some pleural effusion, or fluid in his chest that wasn't there before. So far it's not much but we'll bring him back in a week to check it again and make sure it's not growing.  

His heart is developing well with the banding put on and his left ventricle (one of the four chambers of the heart) is strengthening. The doctor said he could probably have his second surgery in a month, not the year previously considered. His mother had some questions and thoughts and would even like to have Mir circumcised while he is here. She wonders why he is sweating often and is hoping to see him perfectly healthy.

Home Again

Posted on Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:38 by Robyn Stuart

When I first visited Mir and his mother in the ward today they were both happy. Mir's mum was trying not to get too excited at the thaught that they may be discharged today. She explained that once the doctors had done there rounds they would order a bloob test for Mir. This would give them more information about his sweating. If this test was clear then he would be free to leave. 

I had to leave them for  some time to visit our other children in different loations. When I returned later the tests had not been run so hope of going home today was dwindling. But when we were just about to drive home we got a call to say Mir was being discharged to return to the house. So we gladly turned the car around and collected a very excited mum and happy baby. Mir is home! 
Mir will have a follow up appointment in a week back at the hospital. Glory to God for the healing that Mir has received! 

Mir is on the Move!

Posted on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 18:48 by Robyn Stuart

Arriving at the hospital today with Jesse and Marilyn we were keen to visit with the children. We anticipated that Mir would be staying in his room in secondary ICU for the time we were there. But during the morning we were pleasantly surprised to be told by hospital staff that he would move into the children's ward. So with great excitement Mir's mum packed up her belongings and waited for the message that the ward had her new bed ready. All tubes and wires were removed from Mir and he enjoyed his new found freedom. He was soon escorted to the ward and on the way to the ward Mir had time for a photo shoot with the wonderful staff in the cardiac unit. 

The staff advised us that they are still adjusting his pacemaker as Mir still sweats during feeding and sleeping, possibly because his heart is overworking. When this is sorted we are hopeful to bring him back to the house in the coming days. Thank you for lifting Mir to the Lord and believing with us for his healing. 

Secondary ICU

Posted on Sun, 07/08/2018 - 22:48 by Nelly Bekx

Today when we visited Mir, his drainage was already removed. Also his vital signs are very good.

He looked fresh from his eyes and happy. His mother was also satisfied and glad. I stayed with Mir for a while, so that his mum had time for a shower.  She was very thankful to have a time away from Mir‘s bed, without worrying about him.

Please pray with us that he can continue his good way of recovering!

Praising God

Posted on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 00:00 by Co-authored

by George and Nelly Bekx

Mir had his operation today, as part of a two step process. The first step was to insert a pacemaker and PA banding which will help prepare his heart as he waits for a second surgery when he is older. His mother was quite nervous but enjoyed spending time with Ana and her mother, who just arrived from Kurdistan. The mother was very relieved when the surgery was over and the doctors confirmed that everything went well. 

We praise God for His hand over Mir and pray for a good recovery in the hospital.