Mary's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

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Echo Day

Posted on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 17:19 by

Precious Mary went back to the hospital for her first echocardiogram following surgery. After a quiet ride to the hospital, thankfully, she was able to sleep most of the way! The doctor was pleased with the results and following the ECG  (which was considered far too long by a stressed baby girl!) and asked her to return in one week to check her progress.  Please continue to pray for Mary and her family, for their stamina to continue through this healing process, and for Mary's sibling and Papa to be hopeful they will return at some soon point.  Her mom also has questions about whether "God has done this", and is concerned about their future and obtaining visas, etc.(passage to connect with family eventually). May God's words be strong in her heart to combat any "mama's guilt" and encourage her about their future and hope!

First Trip Back to the Hospital

Posted on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 21:19 by Heidi

Sweet little Mary went to the hospital today to get a blood test done to check her electrolyte levels. Mom was happy and so was Mary. When we got to the hospital we were told she didn't have an appointment today and that her next one would be for an echo in a week. But after asking around it was confirmed that she did in fact have an appointment today.  Mary was so happy until it was time for the test. She began crying before it even started. Mom was able to calm her down before we left the hospital. We have not recieved the results from the test yet but are hoping and praying they come back normal. Thank you for continuing with us on this journey towards Mary's healed heart!

A Surprise Discharge

Posted on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 21:01 by Co-authored

When we arrived at the hospital, sweet little Mary was still in isolation due to her case of diaherra. We we told by Mary‘s mom that the doctors pointed to the possibility of Mary being discharged the next day, which was great news! An hour later, we were talking with the head nurse and to our surprise, Mary passed us and headed into the echo room. After much waiting, the echo test results came back and because they were so good, Mary was discharged within the day! We are so excited that Mary and her mom came home to Shevet Achim; they already fit in!

Written by: Jenny Porkert and Kate Gladden 

Mary in Israel

Posted on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 00:38 by Georgia Willcocks

Beautiful Mary and her mum arrived with 2 other families arrived in Israel just over a week ago. 

Her family have asked us to change her name and not include any photos, for safety reasons, however, I hope to be able to describe this lovely girl and her mum to you so that you can keep them in your prayers. Mary's family are from an area of Kurdistan where there could be hostility and danger for them if it was known that they are coming to Israel. We praise God that He is making a way for these families to come and thank the Holy Spirit that He breaks through every fear, and that nothing can stand against Him.

Mary's oxygen levels were very low and she was admitted to the hospital without first coming here to Shevet. Various tests were carried out at the hospital over the days which followed. Despite low oxygen levels, and blue tinged fingers and toes, lovely Mary was smiley and wiggled her little body when I went over to meet her for the first time. 

Mum is a Christian, and prayed continually over Mary. She speaks English and Arabic, so it is easy for her to communicate with us and with the hospital staff. She asked us to ask other Christians to pray for Jesus to move in the life of her precious daughter. Our intercession rose before his throne all weekend, and on Sunday, Mary had a successful surgery.

Each visit to the hospital brings home good news; the doctors are pleased with her recovery so far. I saw Mary and mum again this afternoon. Mary was asleep, and mum shared her worries that Mary is refusing to feed. I was able to give some advice and explain to her that this can be very common in babies following heart surgery, which I hope comforted and calmed her fears a little.

Mary is such a beautiful girl, who is so loved by her mum. Please pray for the continued healing of her heart, and for her feeding to improve.