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Farewell, Daru

Posted on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 21:43 by Noelle Chung
Finally Daru was going back home. After the last hospital visit, Daru and his aunt spent one day shopping and packing. Today, we had a big farewell party for three families: Daru’s, Maia’s, and Bawan’s. Those three families came together to Israel and spent more than three and a half months with us. That time was pretty long, and sometimes it was tedious waiting for the families.
Daru was diagnosed with TOF, but since his condition was not urgent, the surgery was delayed for two months. Finally, he got surgery on February 14, 2018. His TOF was repaired and the valve was also fixed. Immediately after the surgery, he had pleural effusion (fluid accumulation in the chest cavity) and transient fever. However, fever soon went down and the fluid was also drained through a tube. After this event, decreased movement of his right diaphragm was observed through echo.  
Daru’s aunt was very happy about going back home, and Daru’s parents in Kurdistan must be the happiest of all. During the party, Daru was walking around hugging many people.
He was nicely dressed for the party. We sang worship songs and shared our beautiful memories of Daru. Daru has been so much loved by many people. He is probably one of the most loved kids who have been in Shevet. 
In the airport, he was excited and explored the place with Maia. But soon, he became tired.
We had to say goodbye when they were going into the security check. It was a sad moment, but we were happy for them. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We hope to hear Daru’s news soon, and hope for the best for Daru’s future.

Last Visit

Posted on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:15 by Coby van Wijhe
This morning Helen and I brought Daru for the last time to the hospital. We had an appointment with the ENT doctor because of some nose and speech problems after surgery.
The doctor checked his nose but could not find any abnormality. It might be a little inflammation but nothing serious. Daru will be very pleased that everything is checked and sound now. He didn't like the appointment at all.
A few weeks ago there was a concern about Bigeorge syndrome. So they did a genetic test and today we heard from the doctor that it was negative. Aunt was very pleased to hear this. We left the hospital with a thankfull heart. The plane ticket to Kurdistan can be booked now! Thank you Lord!

Final Echo Check

Posted on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 19:21 by Noelle Chung

Today was the last echo check-up day for Daru. It has been already three and a half months since he and his aunt came to Shevet. There have been ups and downs during this period. Now many situations are resolved, and they are looking forward to go home to Kurdistan.

Daru enjoys fellowship with the other kids in Shevet. He likes to see fellow kids’ pictures stored in volunteers’ phones. He let Bawan hold his arm, while Bawan was practicing walking. 

He is still a baby boy though. He cries and screams when medical procedures are done, even though they are not painful at all. Today’s echo results were very good, showing good surgical outcomes.

He finally got permission to be discharged and to fly home. 

Yet, he will visit the ENT department tomorrow morning, to consult about his prolonged nasal voice which occurred after the ICU admission. 

Echo Visit

Posted on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 21:45 by Noelle Chung
This morning, we headed for Wolfson hospital with three families. Daru has been doing well these days, although he cries quite often and seems to miss his family.
Daru cried a lot during the echo, but the results were very good. The heart is completely repaired and functions well. Decreased movement of his right diaphragm is not recovered yet, but it will be followed up next week. 
His medications are reduced, and if it shows good results next week, he can go home to Kurdistan.
Praise the LORD who cares for the weak and heals them! 

Check Up Day

Posted on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 21:40 by Noelle Chung

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the people of old received their commendation." Hebrews 11:1-2

Today is Daru’s postoperative day #12. He has been doing well at our home. We visited the hospital with Daru and his aunt for postoperative echocardiogram check. Bawan and Maia’s appointments were also today. So we moved as a big family.

He was scared at the procedure and cried. The results were good. No more pericardial effusion was seen. Although movement of the right diaphragm could not be checked properly because of Daru’s continuous cry, the doctor said that the paralysis might be temporary and can be checked next week. 
The amount of steroids he is taking is reduced by half, and he will visit one week later.
Good results of all three children made their parents expectant, and on our way back, they talked about going back to Kurdistan.
Once Daru’s family’s situation was daunting us and his family. But now we see that God is recovering not only Daru’s health, but also Daru’s mum’s, since we could hear good news from his aunt.
Although we are sowing now, we see a great hope in the next generation of Kurdistan. We believe that God’s faithfulness will fulfill that.

Daru Discharged from Hospital!

Posted on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 21:11 by Maxine Stuart

Today we went to visit Daru and the kiddies from Gaza who are hospitalized at Wolfson. We were surprised with the good news that Daru was well enough to come back to the house - right then!

The hospital had most of his paperwork and tests done already, and his meds were gathered within a few minutes. The fluid build-up that they found a couple days ago has cleared up, and he is generally well enough to join us back at the house. It is so good to see him looking spritely and more himself. Except that now, he is a healthy pink colour all over!

He was happy to be put in his car seat and to be driven off the hospital grounds, waving the whole way!

Daru in the Ward

Posted on Tue, 02/20/2018 - 16:31 by Esther Vine

When visiting Daru today, it was wonderful to see him smiling and chatting like his old self. While it’s apparent he’s still pushing through recovery and coming down from a fever, as he isn’t as bouncy and energetic as usual, he seems happy and is eating well.

He and Maia sat together for lunch today on the hospital bed, giggling and exchanging secret grins that only they understood. Daru was obviously chuffed to see his friend from Shevet again. Daru has an echo coming up in order to check if everything is okay after being informed that his right lung is paralyzed the other day. It seems that he has since recovered but it is important that this is double-checked. Daru’s aunt is doing amazingly well in caring for him and being patient in waiting for news about whether they can go home soon. 

Daru Still In ICU

Posted on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 17:16 by Maxine Stuart

Little Daru is still in the ICU. My team-mate Jesse visited him today and reported that the muscles on the right side of his lungs are paralyzed so his left lung is working to compensate. The Wolfson team will meet to determine the best way forward. I checked in on him later in the day and he was sitting up and active. While he is not out of the woods just yet, it is so great to see that his little fingers are no longer blue at all. There is not even the slightest hint of cyanosis left. I was able to encourage his aunt with these small but positive steps.

Awake and Extubated

Posted on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 00:42 by Alena D'Olimpio

When I walked into the Wolfson ICU Daru was fast asleep, still under sedation, and still intubated. His aunt was sitting next to his bed holding his hand under the hospital bed sheet. The doctors updated his chart, while sitting around his bed and discussing his condition and how to proceed. After a few minutes Daru began to stir from his sedative-induced sleep. While coming into consciousness he started to squirm, and his aunt tried to hold his arms down as to not unplug any of the wires he was hooked up to.

She asked me to get doctor to administer more sedative, but they explained that the plan was in fact to wake him, because they wanted to extubate him today. A nurse told me to take his aunt outside of the ICU until they were done.

We waited for only a few minutes before the nurse told us we could come back in. Daru was still awake, but groggy, and now was breathing on his own with the help of an oxygen max. We could see he was unsettled, so his aunt began to gently brush her fingers through his hair and sing quietly in Kurdish to soothe him. The doctor told me they hope to move him to the secondary ICU in two days time. We are so thankful to our Father for Daru's progress. May God continue to bless the healing of this little one. 

Daru's Surgery Day

Posted on Wed, 02/14/2018 - 21:17 by Noelle Chung

This morning, Daru and his aunt headed for the operation room. Daru looked anxious all the way through. As soon as Daru went into the OR, his aunt also burst into tears.

The operation took around five hours. His ventricular septum was repaired and previous shunt was removed. It was a successful surgery, and he is being observed in the ICU now.