finances-doctor“We do this out of love.”
Dr. Alona, Wolfson Medical Center/Save a Child’s Heart

The doctors we work with freely give up their nights, weekends, and holidays to fight for the lives of children who’ve never before been treated as important or worthwhile. At the Wolfson Medical Center the doctors even help to raise funds for surgeries through their charity Save a Child’s Heart. Other NGOs such as Ein Herz fur Kinder in Germany and a non-profit group in Kurdistan often join in as well. And all the hospital administrations we work with give a discount of 50% from the already low cost of heart surgery in Israel.

We at Shevet Achim try to keep up with their example. As volunteers from many nations we too want to give our lives freely, and to honor the teaching to love our neighbors–and even our enemies–as ourselves. We pay for our initial transportation to the Middle East, and once here we live alongside the children and their parents and are provided only with basic housing, food, and a monthly stipend of $175 per family member for long-term staff if needed. (More details are available in our community handbook).

So even when hospital and non-hospital expenses are added together we can still save a child’s life at a surprisingly low cost. Please click below to see full annual reports of how we’re using the funds entrusted to us. (These reports reflect donations and expenses for Shevet Achim’s Israeli non-profit organization, the primary center of Shevet operations. Independent Shevet Achim affiliates exist in the United States and the United Kingdom, and financial transfers from those independent bodies are recorded below as donations.) For more information please write to us at:

2016 Annual Report