Community of Voices

An Outing to the Garden Tomb

Today the families journeyed down the road to visit the Garden Tomb. For some families it was a new experience, while for others it was the second time they went to the beautiful garden. After everyone was shuttled from Shevet Achim to the tomb, we joined together to listen to a description of the thousands… Read more »

A Visit with the Howanstines

So much of what we do at here Shevet Achim could not be done without the support of our amazing brothers and sisters around the world. Therefore, we consider it a great privilege when we have the opportunity to meet those of you who partner with us and share with you a bit of our… Read more »

You Bring Restoration

This past weekend, Shevet Achim staff were presented with a beautiful gift…the gift of restoration. On Thursday afternoon, we packed up and headed north to the shores of Galilee for a community-wide retreat, hosted by a lovely Welsh couple named Erik and Mary Fok. Their ministry Breakfast on the Beach seeks to provide an environment… Read more »

A Tired Love

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. I’m spending it in the Middle East. And as the day approaches I am mentally and emotionally bombarded with living examples of love and hatred. The church service we may decide to attend regularly meets on Saturday morning–the Shabbat. There are many… Read more »

Love Rather Than Stereotypes

This big man I saw at the Wolfson Hospital today is Ayman Al Kurdi. He is a Kurdish gentleman from Iraq living in Gaza for five generations now. He has seven children, the youngest is in second grade and the oldest two are married. His first grandchild is a little boy who looks just like… Read more »

Wandering (Voluntarily) in the Wilderness

This is a photo essay of a weekend that five Shevet volunteers spent together this December in the desert – Micha, Caroline, Kristina, Stephanie, and myself, Ryan. We were in Makhtesh Ramon in the arid south of the country, and had three brilliant days. We’ll let the pictures do the talking. P.S. Your aesthetic experience… Read more »

A God Who Loves Life

Last Sunday, six Shevet volunteers joined four of our Kurdish families on an expedition to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo! None of the children or their mothers had ever enjoyed such an experience before. So, it was a delight to view God’s creatures in the company of their fresh curiosity and wonder. The afternoon sun had… Read more »

A Gift from God

The month of June brought with it warm summer days, and a special addition to our community from the shores of Stolkholm, Sweden. Tara Azizi (second from right below) became the very first Kurdish volunteer to serve with us in Jerusalem. Having heard of Shevet in Sweden last year, Tara later shared that she felt… Read more »

A Gift for All Mankind

 A view of Bethlehem and Shepherd’s Field in Beit Sahour With Christmas quickly approaching, my child-like sense of wonder returns like a dear old friend. I love this season and everything in it that points toward the mystery of Emmanuel, God with us. I remember playing the part of an angel in my church’s Christmas… Read more »

Arms of Love for Donna

I met Donna Petrel ten years ago while on a trip to the US to speak about helping Gaza children with heart surgeries. When I flew back to Israel a week later, I was detained at the airport by the Interior Ministry, a victim of the policy to limit visiting non-Jews to a maximum stay… Read more »